Our Capstone Promise


The Capstone Roofing System – Setting the Standard

With a Capstone Roofing System, we strive to go above and beyond our competition and provide you with the best roofing system out there. We guarantee you the following:

1. We will educate you on complete roofing systems and will make sure that you are getting the right roofing system for you and your home.

2. We will make sure that you understand the importance of proper ventilation and how it can make a difference in the longevity of your roof, electric bills and much more.

3. We tear all roofs down to the decking. This is to ensure that your roof decking is clean and to ensure there isn’t any rotting or erosion that is occurring on the roof deck.

4. We will install Ice and Water Shield in all valleys and around any penetrations on the roof.

5. We use synthetic felt. This is a water shedding material that is woven together tightly to ensure a strong bond.

6. We will install starter strip. This helps prevent wind blow offs and ensures straighter shingle lines during installation.

7. We will replace all drip edge. Drip edge is designed to ensure that the water runs off of your roof properly and doe’s not rot the fascia or siding on your home.

8. We will make sure all flashings on the roof are replaced as needed.

9. All vents and pipe jacks will be rust sealed and painted to match.

10. We will inspect the attic upon completion of the project to ensure nothing has come loose during the install.

11. You and your property will be treated with respect.

12.  Peace of mind and your 100% satisfaction.


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