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The Capstone Roofing System

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A Superior Roof Is Stronger
Than The Sum Of Its Parts

CertainTeed Integrity Roof System - Capstone Roofing & Construction - Flower Mound, TX

A quality roofing system involves the underlayments, shingles, accessory products, and ventilation all working together. Day after day, year after year. CertainTeed calls that their Integrity Roof System.

The Integrity Roof System is designed to provide optimum performance — no matter how bad weather conditions are. After all, better quality shingles mean longer-lasting roofs. Add in underlayment and accessory products, and you’ve got a roof system that really works!

When you choose an Integrity Roof System you gain the advantage of having CertainTeed as your single manufacturing source to stand behind its roof system components. If different brands of products are installed on your roof, then you do not gain the full value of a complete roof system.

Our Capstone Promise

With a Capstone Roofing System, we strive to go above and beyond our competition and provide you with the best roofing system out there.

We guarantee you the following:

1. We will educate you on complete roofing systems and will make sure that you are getting the right roofing system for you and your home.

2. We will make sure that you understand the importance of proper ventilation and how it can make a difference in the longevity of your roof, electric bills and much more.

3. We tear all roofs down to the decking. This is to ensure that your roof decking is clean and to ensure there isn’t any rotting or erosion that is occurring on the roof deck.

4. We will install Ice and Water Shield in all valleys and around any penetrations on the roof.

5. We use synthetic felt. This is a water shedding material that is woven together tightly to ensure a strong bond.

6. We will install starter strip. This helps prevent wind blow offs and ensures straighter shingle lines during installation.

7. We will replace all drip edge. Drip edge is designed to ensure that the water runs off of your roof properly and doe’s not rot the fascia or siding on your home.

8. We will make sure all flashings on the roof are replaced as needed.

9. All vents and pipe jacks will be rust sealed and painted to match.

10. We will inspect the attic upon completion of the project to ensure nothing has come loose during the install.

11. You and your property will be treated with respect.

12.  Peace of mind and your 100% satisfaction.

Quality Roofing Products

We use the highest quality material from the industry’s leading manufacturer, CertainTeed. When we install a roof we do so based on the specifications of CertainTeed. We do this to ensure that you get a full product warranty through that manufacturer.

CertainTeed sets the standard when it comes to quality in the roofing industry. With using a wide variety of quality products, we can best fit you and your homes needs.

What Are The Components Of
The Integrity Roof System?

CertainTeed Hip & Ridge Accessories

Hip & Ridge Accessories

Accessory shingles are used to finish the hips & ridges of the roof and are designed to complement the appearance of CertainTeed shingles.

CertainTeed Ridge Vent

CertainTeed Ridge Vent

CertainTeed ridge vents combined with sufficient intake vents, such as CertainTeed Intake Vents, are the most effective ventilation system.

CertainTeed Shingles

High-quality shingles available in a wide variety of styles and colors, covered by the strongest warranty in the business.

CertainTeed Roof Runner

Roof Runner®

High-performance underlayment provides a protective water-resistant layer over the roof deck and a secondary barrier against leaks.

CertainTeed WinterGuard

Winter Guard®

Waterproofing shingle underlayment prevents leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams in vulnerable areas.

Roofing Installation - Capstone Roofing and Construction - Flower Mound, Texas

Starter Shingles

Starter shingles are designed to work specifically with each different type of CertainTeed shingle for maximum performance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

At Capstone Roofing & Construction, we take great pride in what we do. From sitting down with you and your family to plan the project all the way to cleaning up once the work is complete, we strive to ensure your 100% satisfaction every step of the way. 

We promise to treat you and your property with the same respect we would our own family. We will work alongside you, our customer, during the entire repair process to ensure your satisfaction. 

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What Our Customers Say

Capstone Roofing was absolutely helpful and answered all of my questions. I felt 100% confident in both Tanner and Douglas. They both took the time to assure I understood everything.
Imelda Esqueda
Imelda Esqueda
18:23 03 Jun 19
I cannot recommend Capstone enough. They are super nice. Roof is perfect. I had a very bad experience with a roofer several years ago. So, I was cautious and asked a lot of questions. They answered them all and then some. They genuinely cared about my concerns. Thanks guys!read more
CW Langford
CW Langford
17:22 15 Mar 19
Courteous, highly-professional, neat and clean.It was a stress-free experience and my warranty gives me continued peace of mind.
Donovan Pierce
Donovan Pierce
15:17 09 Mar 19
Great communication, crew worked hard and they made sure that our yard was very clean before leaving. Our roof looks great.
Jason Carter
Jason Carter
19:36 17 Feb 19
While buying a house, I had a home inspection report recommend that the roof be evaluated. I called Tanner, with Capstone, and he was able to perform an inspection the same day. He gave me a phone call to go over everything and said to give him until noon the next day to finish the report and proposal for repairs. The report was finished before that time and was very detailed. Although the seller, an investor, chose another roofing company, I would highly recommend Capstone. They are professional and honest, and their attention to detail is second to more
Kyle Mohler
Kyle Mohler
15:24 05 Feb 19
Excellent job! My new roof is perfect. Thank You Guys!I highly recommend Capstone Roofing. Very nice people to work with.
Lucas White
Lucas White
18:01 01 Feb 19
Great job over all! Anything I asked for they said they could do. All very nice and hard workers.
Madison Mills
Madison Mills
01:22 01 Jan 19
Capstone Roofing was wonderful to work with on my roof replacement. The guys treated me like family and made sure that I was comfortable with the insurance process and helped me to get a new roof and gutters. Thank You Guys! I will be recommending you to my family and more
Sujoe Patel
Sujoe Patel
21:30 25 Nov 18
I had a great experience with this company. Very professional, friendly employees, and extremely easy to work with. It can be hard to find trustworthy contractors out there and Capstone Construction is where I found it. If you are looking at replacing your roof or need repairs on your home Capstone Roofing & Construction is an obvious choice to get the job done more
Wood Speed
Wood Speed
16:39 25 Nov 18
They did a really nice job putting a new roof on my home. They installed more than just new shingles, they installed an entire system and were Shingle Masters with CertainTeed. They educated me on the insurance process and roofing. I have had a few roofs done before for homes of mine and none of them educated me on roofing and none of them did as high quality of a more
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez
16:13 25 Nov 18
I have worked with Tanner for many years. He is an honest person with extensive roofing knowledge. Not only can capstone roof your house with ease they can help with the insurance process as well. Capstone is capable of completing much much more than just roofing. I would refer them to friends and family any more
Scott Dupre
Scott Dupre
03:15 25 Nov 18
All around Wonderful Experience! Capstone Roofing replaced our roof and it was a pleasure to work with them. Their communication was great, their roofing crew was quick and neat. Our sales consultant was extremely knowledgeable about the different roofing options and helped us pick the right roof system for our home. We are so happy to have an attractive, high quality roof backed by a full warranty. Thank you Capstone!read more
Janice Jeffries
Janice Jeffries
02:26 25 Nov 18